With COVID-19 closing so many storefronts and decimating thousands of jobs, there are a lot of reasons to start working from home to make extra money. A lot of the same reasons that you want to become an entrepreneur are the same reasons why you should consider joining The Meeting Point. You may want to diversify your income, get control of your schedule, bring in a secondary income stream, or simply want to work from home due to the coronavirus epidemic or any other reason. If you’re looking for how to make extra money from home, join The Meeting Point in Miami, FL to work remotely. The Meeting Point is a top wellness center Miami residents trust. Call The Meeting Point to make money from home today!


Why You May Want To Work For Us


There are many reasons why you may want to join The Meeting Point. Firstly, you may want to have a residual income. This is especially cogent as unemployment has skyrocketed. Most people are taught from childhood about the traditional linear way to create income. This means that you put in X amount of time to get paid X amount of dollars, and if you work more hours, then how much you make will go up. If you work less, then you’ll make less money. But what happens if you are unable to work, get sick, hurt yourself, or have to take care of a loved one? Residual income comes from doing an activity one time, and getting paid for it over and over again. Think about music or book royalties. When working with The Meeting Point, you will be providing a product or service that needs to be replenished on a monthly basis, in this case our Herbalife products. You will be generating residual income with The Meeting Point by signing a customer up one time, and getting paid every month when they replenish their products! 


How To Make Extra Money With The Meeting Point


The Meeting Point has built a team that grows residual income exponentially. Even if you are sick, you will still be able to receive residual income since your customers will still need their weight loss products. Plus, there is the added bonus of promoting a healthy lifestyle and knowing that you are helping somebody make positive changes in their life when you are working with a wellness center Miami residents trust. When you join The Meeting Point, you’re joining a family and a team! You will have support from our team just like you get from your friends and family. It’s always a good feeling when you connect with people that share common values and vision, and you’ll make some great friends as well! Andres and Maria, founders of The Meeting Point, know what it’s like to run the rat race of traditional employment, and the freedom that comes with being able to make your own schedule and owning your own means of making money! 


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If you’re working how to make extra money while you’re stuck at home, you can join a wellness center Miami residents trust! Call The Meeting Point today to find out more today!

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