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Getting your health and weight in check is a goal that many people have in their lives. If you are having weight issues and trying to find the right nutrition plan to get back in shape, then The Meeting Point may be the right place for you. Do you believe that your digestive tract is what is holding you back from turning into the healthy fit person that you dream of being? Perhaps you’re underweight and trying to hit fitness goals and put on muscle. Maybe you’re overweight, and looking to climb stairs without getting out of breath. Maybe you’re neither, but you still want to get on track to live a healthier life. No matter where on the spectrum you are, The Meeting Point is the right place for you to start your fitness and healthy eating journey. Here at The Meeting Point in Miami, FL we are dedicated to providing health and fitness products and advise to guide you on your journey towards better health and wellness. Many people have tried our products and services and agree! Call or leave a review today for the most people-centric weight loss program in Miami!

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Founders of The Meeting Point Andres and Martha Gutierrez have been in your shoes every step of the way. Andres Guttierrez is a P.E. Civil Engineer, and his wife Martha is a psychiatrist who has many doctorates in the field of medicine. They know exactly how hard it is to get healthier, and how to set goals to get there. Previously, Andres and Martha worked regular nine to fives with little time to themselves. With a little bit of faith and some help from Herbalife, Martha lost 25 pounds and Andres lost 55 pounds. People began to ask questions about how they managed to do this, and they decided to share their journey and products at The Meeting Point! Here at The Meeting Point, we are committed to providing you with the best tools for weight loss and wellness possible. This is why we continuously want to improve and adapt- and how do we do that? We need your feedback! Leave us a review on Google so that we can continue to serve you the best way possible and continue to improve the products and services that we provide.

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We have had many satisfied clients, and we are dedicated to providing the best products, services, and advice for those who use our services. Below are some real-life reviews that our clients wish to share:

“My new favorite smoothie spot! Found them on Instagram, stopped by once and now I’m hooked.”
Rebecca Sanchez

“Great People! Great Service! Amazing Place!”
Daniel Pinheiro

“Excellent place to eat healthy with the best service!”
Martha Cecilia Alvarez



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Here at The Meeting Point, we depend on you to provide feedback so that we can continue to provide you with the best products and services. Leave The Meeting Point a review on Google to help us grow today! If you are looking for a top weight loss program in Miami, call The Meeting Point in Miami, FL today!

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