Healthy Weight Products

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Healthy Weight Products

Looking to bulk up or slim down? Here at Herbalife Nutrition, we have a wide variety of products to help you put on healthy weight as well as the best weight loss products on the market to help you reach your target weight.

You won’t find a better health store serving the good people of Miami, FL. We at Herbalife Nutrition believe in helping people gain or lose weight in a safe and delicious manner! Maintaining the perfect weight can be hard, so we work to make it as easy as we can with our top of the line products. See below for just some of the wonderful products available to you today.

Healthy Weight Products

Protein Meal Shakes

Treat your body to a nutritious and balanced meal in no time. With a dense mix of protein, carbs, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, our protein shakes are everything you need in one glass. Protein is essential for a healthy diet and it’s a building block for many cellular components. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of our Formula 1 study, so give them a try today.

Protein Powder Boosters

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your hunger by feeling fuller, build muscle tissue, maintain lean muscle mass, or stay energized our protein boosters will help you do just the thing. Consuming 25 g of soy protein a day has even been found to help reduce the risk of heart disease. It’s hard to beat all these benefits when looking for some extra protein in your life.

Protein Shakes

We offer a wide variety of protein-filled snacks including nuts, beverage mixes, coffee, protein bites, and protein bars. Whether you’re thirsty or hungry we have you covered with a wide variety of tastes and flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for something, crunchy, fruity, caffeinated or sweet, we’ve got plenty for you to pick from to satisfy your hunger and help you get the protein you need.

Select Series

Specially formulated with a plant-based blend of pea, quinoa, our special naturally flavored vanilla products are made with non-GM ingredients to nourish your body.

Popular Combo (Healthy Weight)

Looking for our best sellers? Well, no need to go searching all throughout our site or elsewhere online, because we have all our most popular products located in one easy to find place. Mix and match or just pick one, either way, you’ll end up with a product or products that are adored by many.

The Best Weight Loss Products

In addition to our healthy weight gaining products we also supply plenty of extremely effective products to help you lose weight as well.

Weight Loss Enhancers

Water Elimination

Products like Cell-U-Loss® will help you get to a healthy water level while the minerals inside the product helps regulate your electrolytes.

Stimulate your metabolism

Products like Total Control® come in tablet form and use a mixture of caffeine and tea extracts to stimulate your metabolism. Now with botanical extracts, our products are optimized for perfection.

Fight Hunger and Fat

Both our Prolessa® Duo 7 day and 30 day programs work to fight off hunger and reduce fat. Both products are stimulant free and clinically tested. Our product is designed to help reduce calorie intake and to make you feel fuller faster.

Herbal Teas

Designed to ignite your metabolism our special teas will help you lose weight. Our teas are low calorie and caffeinated to help make you feel pumped and revitalized. They also come in a variety of different delicious flavors!

Programs for Healthy Weight

Whether it’s our trial packs, ultimate programs or advanced programs, we have come up with helpful combinations of products to help you with both weight loss and weight gain.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you want to order more products, check on your order status, or to ask us any questions. We look forward to serving you with the best weight loss products in all of Miami, FL. Not completely sold on our products? Then try any of our products risk-free with our 30 Day Money-back Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any of our products for any reason we’ll issue you with a full refund or product exchange as long as you contact us within 30 days of making your purchase. At Herbalife Nutrition we want you to reach a healthy weight without having to sacrifice by eating terrible tasting products. We stand by everything we sell and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect solution for all your weight-related needs.

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