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We are now the owners of The Meeting Point, but we did not plan for it to be this way. Let us introduce ourselves! My name is Andres Gutierrez I am a P.E. Civil Engineer, and my wife’s name is Martha Lucia Muriel she is a Psychiatrist with several Doctorates in Medicine. We both worked 9-5 jobs and lived a regular “professional” lifestyle. Although my wife was a doctor she was overweight and had very low energy, as well as I did. Due to the overtime we had to work and the little time we had for ourselves we ended up very unhappy with the way our lives where going.

We were introduced to Herbalife through a person who offered us a FREE wellness profile. Although at first we did not believe much in the products, we gave them a chance. We had some fantastic results, Martha lost 25lbs and I lost 55lbs, our energy was higher than ever. People started asking us and we began to recommend exactly what we were consuming; Some of our customers signed up as distributors to order their products directly from the company, but others saw what we were doing and were interested in the business.
We started to get trained, learned more, and saw that there was an opportunity for an additional income so we started to do the business professionally.

Today we do this business full time with our four kids, and we have enjoyed the freedom of setting our own schedule, along with a lifestyle that with hard work, skill, and dedication we have created for ourselves. We are our own bosses and we do what we love which is helping others accomplish their goals. We focus on helping people who are interested in changing their lives. We not only help you reach your goals physically by offering you 24/7 coaching and giving you personalized meal plans but we also help you financially if you are looking for extra income and need guidance.

Thank you for taking your time. to read our site. If you would like to follow our journey and see the results we have on our team please follow us on Instagram @themeetingpointusa  or @marthalmuriel

*Top 1% of Distributors. If achieved, our top 1% earners (typically President’s Team members) take between 5 and 11 years to reach that level through skill and consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at HerbalifeNutrition.com/SAGC



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The journey isn't only about becoming healthy, it's about staying healthy!
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