Who doesn’t love sleep? We do it every day. Some individuals sleep for 5 hours, and some sleep for 12 hours. However, did you know that sleep actually affects your body and the way you lose weight? If you are trying to shed a few extra pounds, but are also a light sleeper… this may be an issue. The experts at The Meeting Point are here to explain how sleep can affect your weight loss. When it comes to Herbalife weight loss, we are the ones to trust. We take pride in providing the best Herbalife near me. 


Sleep is Good!

Did you know that only 30 percent of adults are sleeping fewer than six hours a night? This statistic is very alarming. As humans, we should be getting at least eight decent hours of sleep. There is a lot of evidence that proves sleep may be a factor that is affecting those who are struggling to lose weight. 


Herbalife Weight Loss: Reasons Why You Need Sleep

  • Poor Sleep Is a Major Risk Factor for Weight Gain and Obesity
    • Poor sleep has repeatedly been linked to a higher body mass index (BMI) and weight gain. Studies have found that poor sleep is associated with weight gain and a higher likelihood of obesity in both adults and children.
  • Poor Sleep Can Increase Your Appetite
    • Many studies have found that people who are sleep-deprived report having an increased appetite. Poor sleep can increase appetite, likely due to its effect on hormones that signal hunger and fullness.
  • Sleep Helps You Fight Cravings and Make Healthy Choices
    • Poor sleep can decrease your self-control and decision-making abilities and can increase the brain’s reaction to food. Poor sleep has also been linked to increased intake of foods high in calories, fats, and carbs.
  • Poor Sleep Can Increase Your Calorie Intake
    • People who get inadequate sleep tend to consume more calories. Poor sleep can increase your calorie intake by increasing late-night snacking, portion sizes, and the time available to eat.
  • Poor Sleep May Decrease Your Resting Metabolism
    • Poor sleep may decrease your resting metabolic rate (RMR), although findings are mixed. One contributing factor seems to be that poor sleep may cause muscle loss.
  • Sleep Can Enhance Physical Activity
  • A lack of sleep can cause daytime fatigue, making you less likely and less motivated to exercise.
    • In addition, you’re more likely to get tired earlier during physical activity. Lack of sleep may decrease your exercise motivation, quantity, and intensity. Getting more sleep may even help improve performance.
  • It Helps Prevent Insulin Resistance
    • Just a few days of poor sleep can cause insulin resistance that is a precursor to both weight gain and type 2 diabetes.


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Get on the road towards a healthier you. You cant start with getting the right hours of sleep. Welcome to The Meeting Point. When it comes to Herbalife weight loss, you can count on us. To be a reference in nutrition with products of the best quality, the best natural ingredients and to be able to offer good nutrition to all corners of the planet, giving information and helping all people who want to improve their welfare and control their weight. Do you want us to support you, step by step, until you achieve your goals, no matter how long you need? Call our experts today for more information on Herbalife near me. 

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