How much do you know about nutrition clubs and what they can do for your health? Here at The Meeting Point, our team of professionals wants to make sure you have the best healthy diet plan that will benefit your lifestyle! We consider ourselves the best Herbalife nutrition club because we genuinely care. 


Why A Nutrition Club?

Every innovation is human-driven: changes and improvements are designed to make our life easier, our environment more comfortable or our work more efficient. However, when we speak about innovation, we tend to focus on technology and overlook the human part of it. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs demonstrate just how big an impact one innovation based on human interaction and social support can have.


A Nutrition Club is a location where customers are invited to enjoy good nutrition and benefit from a network of support. The first Herbalife Nutrition Club was opened in Mexico, back in 2004. The reason behind it goes back to the core of what innovation is all about: solving problems. A couple of Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors –Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier– realized that many people in their community wanted to consume nutrition products, but could not afford to buy a full canister of our meal replacement protein shakes. So they broke the product down into individual servings, making it affordable to a much larger market. People were not paying any more, or any less than the product was worth, they were just spending in a way that worked better for them.


Nutrition Clubs provide a supportive network and bring together people who have similar wellness goals, contributing to a sense of community and a friendly, social environment among its members.


It Is All About A Healthy Diet Plan

Nutrition Clubs are part of what sets Herbalife Nutrition apart from others in our field: it’s the person-to-person, high-touch experience with personalized nutrition plans, motivation, and accountability that our independent distributors provide that helps customers get results. Having a supportive community of caring people who will encourage you along your wellness journey and support your weight and fitness goals is at the heart of how our Company helps people change their lives and their communities.


Call Our Herbalife Nutrition Club Today!

Get on the road towards a healthier you with our healthy diet plan. You can’t start by taking advantage of Herbalife Miami residents. Welcome to The Meeting Point, where we specialize in Herbalife products. When it comes to Herbalife weight loss, you can count on us. To be a reference in nutrition with products of the best quality, the best natural ingredients, and to be able to offer good nutrition to all corners of the planet, giving information and helping all people who want to improve their welfare and control their weight. Do you want us to support you, step by step, until you achieve your goals, no matter how long you need? Call our experts for more information on our weight loss center near me. Take advantage of our wellness center Miami, FL!

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